Thursday, February 25, 2010

I was so happy with the cloth diapers for the new baby....

that I decided to invest in some Thirsties covers and hemp inserts for his big sisters to wear to bed at night!

I just hope these diapers can hold all the pee my super soakers produce in one night! I will let you all know tomorrow!



We only had one small leak. Cam pulled the front of her diaper way down and pee leaked onto her bed. Good thing I had them sleep on mattress pads.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Haha I am so wishy washy when it comes to cloth diapering... but I finally made a purchase!

I have bounced back and forth in my choice of cloth diaper styles. Instead of updating my old blog post to reflect my new choice, I decided to just create a new post.

So here it is:

Today I took the plunge and purchased a cloth diaper stash. I was super stoked to find out that little old Newark, Ohio has a cloth diapering store. It is called Tickleberry Moon.

I bought the 24 BumGenius package!

Yay! All look at all that new fluff. In this picture we have 24 BumGenius one sized pocket diapers, 4 large hemp inserts, 2 large diaper pails, 2 wet bags, 2 ounces of tea tree oil, 1 ounce of lavender oil, 6 washable breast pads, 1 bag of Charlie's laundry soap, sample size of Rockin Green laundry soap.

Yes, I am that big of a dork that I had to dress up my oldest daughter's Cabbage Patch Kid doll to see how they work and look.

I'm thinking these may be a little too big on a brand newborn baby, but that's ok, we were planning on using disposables for the first couple weeks to allow the cord to fall off and the sticky tar poops to stop.

I am also glad that we didn't buy newborn sized clothes. We definitely need the room in the rump for the cloth diapers!

I have never been more excited about changing a diaper before!

I took some more pictures of a diaper as I was playing and practicing stuffing/sizing today:

Bum Genius one sized completely unstuffed

The cover unsnapped to the largest setting

top view of the diaper

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Do you want to Empower or Disempower your children?

"Parents can't choose the mates of their children or the behavior of their children. You actually can't choose anything for your children without disempowering them." - Esther Hicks

I will be back later to share my thoughts on this. I just wanted to post the quote before I forgot it.

Brownie, you are right there are times (most of the time actually) when it is good to let your kids make choices. I figure they will be better able to make good choices later if I let them gain practice now. I also allow natural consequences to let my kids know when they didn't make a good choice. For example, Cam didn’t want to put her shoes on a couple of weeks ago when it was time to leave her preschool. I tried to talk to her about how it was cold outside and that her feet would be cold without shoes. She didn’t care and didn’t want to wear shoes. So I said ok and out the door we walked Cam bare footed. I knew it would be uncomfortable, but I didn’t want to force her into shoes. We made it halfway to the van and she decided she didn’t make a good choice and wanted her shoes. I handed her the shoes and she put them on. Next time she didn’t choose not to wear her shoes.

I don't let them into danger or to be rude, but if they want to argue something and talk about it with respect then who am I to tell them “no you have to do it just because that’s what I want”. Now there are occasions where I have to say, I'm sorry but this is not something you have a choice on. Because let’s face it there will be times in the real world when they won’t have a choice. I do try to limit this to situations where a choice really isn't possible. I also make sure we talk about all the things that mommy and daddy don’t have a choice on too. I validate their frustrations.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why should I even bother being more natural?


This is an awesome video. This is one of the many reason I have been making small changes to do things more natural more crunchy.  All the small things, eventually add up to a really important big thing.
Baby Steps!