Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today I am feeling defeated. I have been without a job this entire pregnancy. In the beginning I was too sick to even try to look. It killed me just to function for school. Then once I finally got over the sickness I was too pregnant for any places to want to hire me. They take one look at my belly and then call me later and say "we decided to go with a different canidate, who has more experience"... Whatever, I know it's because of the bump... and honestly while that is illegal I can understand. So today I got an e-mail from Career builder about a preschool position nearby. I am 2 weeks or less away from delivery and I only want 2 weeks off after baby, cause Scoot can take FMLA and keep the baby for a bit. I just really need/want a job. So I applied, they called me just a couple hours after I e-mailed my resume. I set up an interview for Saturday. I am hoping that they will allow me to wait 4 weeks to start. But most likely I will get "we need someone who can start right away.

So there you go, I feel defeated and I haven't even gone on the interview yet.


  1. yup... defeat confirmed... oh well... I guess there is always Head Start in the fall...