Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tale of the rogue penis, cloth diaper love, and breastmilk poop mayhem (TMI alert)

Ok, so I "knew" adjusting to the bathroom aspect of having a boy would come with a learning curve and boy oh BOY has it ever!

First up cloth diaper love!

As you know from previous posts we decided to purchase a crap load of Bum Genius 3.0 pocket diapers.  We chose this option because quite frankly I am LAZY.  Hahaha, I knew I wouldn't keep up with cloth if there were a million complicated steps to cover his nakey butt. I can not tell you enough how much I freaking love these cloth diapers.  They are seriously bullet proof, as long as they are put on correctly, and changed often enough.  Ok I will admit, that was the first learning curve. Seriously though we have only had a handful of leaks, and you get leaks with sposies too, so I still say they ROCK!

Tiny butt in a blue Bum Genius 3.0
(He poos in BLUE)

Green 3.0 at the doctors office (2 month check)

Also if you remember I bought a ton of Chinese Prefolds, that I dyed with the intention of sewing them into fitteds... Well life got the better of me and I ended up using them as burp cloths... till one sleep deprived night when I realized I forgot to wash diapers... I learned really fast what a jelly roll, angel wing and bikini twist were all about. Now I still use them as burp cloths but snappi-ing them is pretty easy so I will also toss a prefold and econobum cover on him... I sometimes feel like I'm cheating on our fancy pockets with a cheap date... lol I have caught the cloth diaper obsession bug!  I have to keep reminding myself that I use cloth to save money and I am happy to announce that after TODAY we are actually going to start SAVING money on our investment!!! Whoo hoo!!!

Jelly roll with the rise folded down

Bikini Twist with the rise folded in

The tale of the Rogue Penis!

I told ya'll that I had some funny stories to tell and this is one of them. While pregnant for little man I dreaded the infamous "golden shower." I did some research and found the uncontrollable spraying is more common in circumcised boys, because the cold air hits the glans and activates the spray... Phew, I thought we're not circumcising him so I shouldn't have to worry too much... Hahaha!  What I didn't take into consideration is the length of time it takes to clean a pair of "wrinkly nuts." So in 3 short months I have gotten numerous "showers" while attempting to get those nuts clean.  Also, I have learned the importance of aiming for his toes when applying a clean diaper.  I've also learned to watch little man's face when changing him, that stinker grins ear to ear right before he unleashes the super soaker on me! Oh isn't it GRAND being a newbie boy mom? You betcha!

Lastly, breast milk poop mayhem.

This has been probably the GROSSest part of being a parent hands down... I don't know if it's a "boy thing" or a "little man thing" but man you gotta be more careful about what's flying out the back door, if you kwim.  I remember the look of horror on Scoot's face in the wee hours of the morning when he realized what exactly had just sprayed forth from little man's body... YUCK is all she wrote! Breastfed baby poop is pure liquid, 'nuff said!

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