Friday, August 20, 2010

Tummy time, rolling over, eh I guess I'm a slacker

Well as I said, I am a slacker mom. I hate doing tummy time with babies because frankly they hate it, well at least mine do. I do not see the point of forcing a baby to lie on their tummy and listening to them scream their fool head off. All in the name of learning to roll over, crawl, ect... Well all three of my girls learned to roll, crawl ect just fine and we didn't devote hours to tummy time.

Well this morning I decided to put little man on his belly (only the fourth time since birth) to see if he could lift his head up yet. Lo and behold, not only can he lift his head up and look around, but also he can scoot his upper body around and he rolled over! At first I thought it was a fluke so I rolled him back onto his belly and voila he did it again, 3 more times to be exact! So it is official little man is rolling over and we did not have to torture him with tummy time either!

Before rolling over

Rolling over (caught just the end)

After rolling over

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