Thursday, January 20, 2011

The wonderfulness of breastfeeding:

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to look directly into the eyes of a nursing baby, to feel their body wrap around you, to witness the bonding that only occurs while nursing... you will have to experience it for yourself...

However, I can try to explain what happens when I nurse little man...

His eyes twinkle with anticipation. His face displays big grin. I listen to his half-giggle, half-desperate grunt and I chuckle because he was getting so excited and I hadn't done anything yet. I reached up releasing the clasp, exposing the breast. His eyes shoot wide with glee and he squeals with delight! As I draw him close, he begins to frantically root around. Just as he makes the latch, his gaze meets mine and his eyes seem to dreamily say, "Thanks mom that's just what I wanted". For a few minutes he gazes at me intently, learning my face I suppose, sometimes bending the corners of his mouth up ever so slightly revealing a partial smile. Another minute goes by and I feel the tingling sensation. I whisper quietly "here it comes". As the milk comes rushing in his eyes once again shoot open, this time they are saying "WOAH!" After a few gulps his eyes soften once again. He has found the rhythm: suck, pause, gulp, repeat. For the next 10 minutes I snuggle him close to me, my big boy of 8.5 months never has time to snuggle unless he is nursing. I breathe in his scent; his almost buttery aroma is intoxicating. I watch him, he looks at me with a dreamy look in his eyes, his free hand reaches up to touch my face, then twirl the piece of hair dangling above him. He closes his eyes as he drags his chubby fingers across the skin on my side. Occasionally he says, "mmm". His eyes still closed he grasps my shirt and his body relaxes, his weight melting onto my lap. His breathing slows as his suckles diminish. After a few more minutes, he unlatches his mouth remains parted as a dribble of milk runs down his cheek. Sleep my sweet baby your mommy is here and is thankful she can provide you not only nutrients but also comfort, safety, and love.


  1. Dorothy, that's so sweet. There is nothing like nursing a wee one.

  2. Your post made my heart melt. Love it!

    I'm trying to put the link for the blog hop list in my post, but it's not working. I'm in the html setting. . . Any ideas?

  3. What a sweet way to remember the beauty of breastfeeding! Thank you for sharing!!!