Tuesday, January 18, 2011

He is finally taking milk off the tap!

.... and it only took 8.5 moths to reach this milestone!

Today little man drank 5 whole ounces of fresh pumped breast milk from a soft spout sippy cup!

Normally I wouldn't feel so pressured to ensure that my nursing infant start drinking from a cup this young but he refuses all bottles and I will be starting a 40+ hour a week student teaching gig in 5 short weeks.

I lubs my bubs!

On another note he is 8.5 months old and the only solid foods he consumes are the bites he snatches off my plate at dinner and the teething cookies he gets a couple times a week.  When he is offered jarred puree's he slaps the spoon right out of your hand.  I have had a little more luck with pureed avocado mixed with banana.  I guess I could feed him that everyday, but it causes god awful diapers that I do not want to face daily.


  1. Thank goodness, what a relief for you! And you know, neither of my younger kids was really interested in solids until about 9-10 months. And then one of them loved baby food while the other refused almost all of them (except fruits) but ate a variety of finger foods. Isn't it exciting to see what they do?? :-)

  2. Yes, I have been pretty freaked about leaving him all day everyday. But with the sippy cup success and the fact that I am teaching literally 5 minutes from the inlaws (who watch him) I am no longer worried about him starving all day.