Thursday, June 16, 2011

Extended breastfeeding...

aka nursing past 1 year...

Well today Little man turns 14 months as I sit here and type this blog I have to keep adjusting my position to accommodate the little man who keeps climbing into my lap for a quick ninny (nursing snack).

Oh the horrors of it!

It gets even better than that! Not only is he still nursing at 14 months old, but he is still nursing for a majority of his nutrition. He doesn't eat solids very well (he likes boiled chicken, and pureed fruits/veggies mixed with yogurt). So I allow him free access to the breast, which he takes advantage of at least 6 times during the day and at least 3 times over night. He nurses 9-12 times per 24 hour period. While he nurses as often as a newborn at least he can finish the job in 5-6 minutes.

Extended breastfeeding is not as weird or difficult as I once thought. Nursing him is actually easier than making him eat foods. Yes, once again I have confirmed (at least to myself) that breastfeeding is another way I can get away with being a "lazy" parent without negative consequences for my kids. I mean with 4 kids, going to school full time and running a household you gotta find ways to cut corners, right? Right? Right!

Breastfeeding also has other great perks too! Like being an INSTANT mute button! LMAO at that one! There have been several times (like when we took the kids to see HOP) when Little man would be getting fussy and as soon as I whip out the boob and latch him on its instant quiet. Or the time when he decided that head-butting the coffee table would be a good idea (it wasn't), he screamed bloody murder until the boobie was offered and magically all was right in his world again.

Nothing beats the warmth of your "big boy" crawling into your lap and suddenly melting into your "baby boy" again.

So even though he often pinches, scratches, bites and the wild and crazy toddler nursing acrobatics, I can honestly say that I love nursing my toddler!
Without further ado, I am going to share some of my favorite nursing photos. You have been fair warned that some of these pics may GASP show a little skin!

NIP: Nursing in Public at the local Strawberry festival!

Sleepy nursing!

What? I like my ninny!

Sleepy nursing (this happens a lot)!

Nursing a toddler boy often means him bringing his beloved matchbox cars to the meal!


  1. I love this post! I'm still nursing my almost 2 and a half year old. I rememeber at 14 months, she was just starting solids! I've had to put up with the flack for over a year now, maybe they'll give up soon, hahah. Cute pics, by the way. Your son brings cars with him to nurse, my daughter brings her dinosaurs and/or dollies! =)