Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Camping vent!!!

Ughhhh so we belong to a resort group that affords us REALLY cheap rental rates for cabins at the resort. We have access to all the mandatory stuff of camping such as fishing, hiking, ect. But the membership allows us the luxury of not sleeping in a tent on the ground in the dirt with bugs. This last part is vital to me. No matter how "crunchy" or "natural" I become, bug and other critters are two things I will never come to terms with. I try to leave things as nature intended as much as possible but when it comes to bugs my motto is "They stepped leg in my house so I have every right to smash them dead!"

So the last time we came camping we rented a really nice 2 bedroom cabin with a full living room, bathroom, and kitchen. It was spectacular! The best part? We were there for a WHOLE WEEK and saw only a couple insects inside (I think they were brought in by the dog to be honest). So this time we got a much smaller cabin (boo) it was still a 2 bedroom (If you call a closet that is filled with stacked full sized beds a room), it just was very tiny. So, not only was the cabin much smaller than expected, but it came filled with bugs! Flying bugs, crawling bugs... ewwww bugs! Seriously, I laid down on the main bed with little man to feed him and in the 20 minutes I was there I killed at least 20 ants that had crawled onto my body. 

I do not like bugs at all! I do not want to stay in this cabin anymore!