Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How do you tell your baby’s daddy that you will not be circumcising his son?

I posed that question to my friends a few weeks ago, because I had recently found out that I am expecting my first son. I hadn’t ever had to think about circumcision, I mean none of my other kids have a penis, and I sure don’t. I know my husband had it done, but I honestly didn’t want to do just because daddy had it done. I had already been doing a lot of research and had come to the conclusion that cutting off the foreskin is not necessary. Here are my thoughts on that:

  1. Circumcision only slightly reduces the risk of infant UTI’s. The risk of UTI’s in boys is so low anyway that the reduction isn’t significant to warrant the procedure.
  2. Circumcision only slightly reduces the risk of penile cancers in men. The risk of this cancer in men is so low anyway that the reduction isn’t significant to warrant the procedure.
  3. While circumcision has been shown to help prevent transmission of STD’s. I do not feel that a procedure at birth is the solution. The BEST prevention is education on safe sex and abstinence. So if I do my job as a parent and teach my boy about keeping his junk in his pants and wearing a condom when it’s out, then there is no need to cut a chunk of him off. I mean come on we wouldn’t pull all of our kids’ teeth to prevent cavities, would we? Nope. We teach them good oral hygiene!
  4. As for a circumcise penis being cleaner than one that is not, well um a penis is no different than any other part of a boy’s body. It must be washed. Just like I can teach him to wash between his toes and behind his ears, I can teach him how to properly clean his penis and under the foreskin.
  5. Circumcision is a very traumatic procedure for babies. Some doctors don’t even bother using anesthetic, because it doesn’t really work, or it takes too long, or they are too young to remember it. WTH? Would you willingly allow one of the most sensitive parts of your body to be cut off fully awake without anesthetic? I know I wouldn’t. So I sure as hell am not going to do that to my baby.
  6. Even if a doctor was willing to use anesthetic, the area is still painful for several days while it heals. I wouldn’t be able to look at it knowing that I was the reason my perfectly innocent little baby was hurting. I don’t want to hand my baby over to daddy so he can deal with it either.
  7. I don’t think that there will be an issue with looking different. I mean the ratio of circumcision to intact is nearly 50/50 now. Even if he does run into problems in the locker room earlier. I plan to empower my son to stand up for himself, just like I have his sisters. I am sure there is a witty come back he could throw out.
  8. I don’t want to be responsible for a reduction in his future sexual pleasure. I mean honestly if he is angry that I didn’t get it done, then he can willingly get the procedure done, where they will put him under general anesthesia and give him pain medicine afterwards. Most of all it will be HIS choice!
  9. The Academy of Pediatrics, does not recommend circumcision to be done as a routine procedure.

So after, receiving a ton of backlash from friends about how I should just get it done. I decided to drop the subject and send my husband an e-mail with a ton of information about the PROs and CONs and asked him to keep an open mind and to look at all the information before making a decision. After reading all the facts, he came to the same conclusion I did… What’s the point of doing it? So I am very relieved that our baby boy will be coming home from the hospital exactly the way NATURE intended him to be.

This is what little man thinks of our decision:


  1. I'm not trying to push my decisions on you or to judge, promise! :o) Just wanted to give you a couple things to think about from my experience.
    First, my uncle was uncircumcised and when he was about 10, he got an infection under the foreskin and it had to be removed then. While a baby won't have any memory of having it removed, my uncle certainly did and still does.
    Also, as for the baby feeling pain for days afterwards, we didn't have that with ours. For a few days we had to apply vaseline, but it didn't bother them after the initial procedure. And now it's all behind them!
    Just some things to think about! :o)

  2. I applaud you!! I know that for some circumcision is a religious belief and some feel they just have to do it and that is their choice.
    I have three sons and a hubby who are not and none of them have had any problems. Each child has been taught how to keep clean and take care of themselves. I agree with you that if they feel they want it done later that is their decision. We are expecting baby #5 in Late May and it's a boy and again we will not be cutting anything off of him.. Congrats on the new baby boy!