Thursday, March 4, 2010

4 pounds of wool batting arrived!

I was so excited to see the big box of the softest fluffy wool batting that I have ever seen! Of course, I couldn't resist testing out the felting process, I mean I wouldn't be called OCD otherwise!

Here is the untouched carded wool batting that I ordered from West Earl Woolen Mill in PA!

This is the fluff ball that I pulled off the ends to do a practice run:

This is the finished felted mini ball!

Tomorrow I'm heading to Walmart to pick up some supplies that I need to make the real ball cores. It's going to be an interesting checkout to say the least!

1. 6 pairs of cheapo knee high stockings (you know the kind that come in the plastic bubbles)
2. 10 packs of Kool-Aid (haven't decided a flavor, er I mean color profile yet)
3. 1 felting needle
4. Various wool yarns (hopefully I can raid the remenant bin)

Check back soon for more updates on the BALL PROJECT!

1 comment:

  1. Please do keep updating, I'm really interested in these dryer balls!