Thursday, March 4, 2010

I don't know what bug crawled in my shorts...

but I have been SUPER crafty here lately!

So this blog will be to discuss the cute diaper cover/fleece soakers that I sewed up for the baby. I orginally got the idea to make soakers because we are still having some problems with Cam leaking through her diaper at night (2 microfiber inserts are not enough, that's 30 ounces of absorbtion).

Anyway, before I decided to go out and spend money buying fleece (1/2 off at Joann's Fabrics, woot!). I thought I would once again get thrifty and repurpose a fleece baby blanket. I had a super cute blanket with cars, trucks and planes on it. The baby's sleeping space is done up in jungle animals, so I wasn't too worried about loosing a blanket that matched his bedding. I searched online for directions on how to make a fleece soaker/diaper cover.

I came to this blog:

I am out of printer ink so I couldn't print out her lovely FREE pattern. But I paid attention and decided to attempt to make my own pattern, using one of the baby's BG 3.0 cloth diapers as a template.

This is what I made:

Attempt #1: Not too bad, needs some fixing

So after finishing the first soaker, I realized I needed to tweak my pattern a little. The elastic in the waist band and legs that I had added didn't cinch at all... darn it.

Ok back to the drawing board. I tweaked and made another. I decided the new method was much better. I just cut my elastic too long. Ok 3rd times a charm right? Yep, attempt #3 was a lot better! Not that any of them were particularly bad.

From left to right we have the 1st (fixed), 2nd, and 3rd attempts

Of course, I couldn't resist grabing one of my stuffed models to show you the soaker "in action"!

Yes, yes, I know! I am a DORK!


  1. I LOVE it! I could never get my sewing machine to do fleece without eating it, so I am very impressed at your skillz. ;-)

  2. Really? I find fleece to be easy to work with... are you sure the tension is right?